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  • Culture de marque
  • Culture de marque
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What we do

  • Strategy

  • Identity

  • Environment


Favouring co-creation, we often start our relationships with a collaborative workshop focused on brand strategy. We want to learn more about the history of your organization, journey, consumers and goals. The more we understand your brand, the more we will be able to define what makes you unique, how to optimize it and which actions to focus on.

  • DNA

    DNA is all the intangible characteristics that define your brand. By its vision, mission, values and positioning, it is often thanks to its DNA that a brand connects effectively with the consumer. Here, we define with you what are the distinctive features of your brand and establish your added value. With these elements, we can define the broad lines that dictate the personality of your brand and what may influence the impact it will have on its industry and market.

  • Brand Architecture and Ecosystem

    Sometimes simple, sometimes complex, the ecosystem gives you a vision of the different entities that make up your brand portfolio. What is the role of each entity? How do they collaborate with each other? Are they all relevant? What is your flagship brand? In-depth analysis will allow us to better understand the role and relevance of each of your brands, define your real services, establish links and develop new opportunities.

  • Employer Brand

    Based on the latest industry trends and best practices in human relations, we have developed integrated processes and solutions that allow us to analyze the current state of your business and make recommendations that will enhance the experience of your employees while turning them into committed ambassadors. From the environment to the employee experience, through the conditions and communications, an optimized culture will generate a better retention rate, have a positive impact on your recruitment and on the overall performance of your company, and will help make your brand shine internally, but also externally.

  • Customer Experience

    In a context where the offer has never been so large, it becomes important to define and prioritize the experience you bring to your customers. Whether you’re talking about loyalty, purchase experience, engagement, the consumption cycle or customer service, we draw a detailed picture of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to establish strategies and recommendations that will add to your brand capital while directly influencing the relationship you have with your customers and business partners.

  • Coaching

    Whether it’s for the launch of your project, the development of your products or services, we guide you in your process of analysis and creation so that you can develop a relevant and competitive offer. Together, we make sure your brand performs well so you can tackle your next challenge.


A strong and relevant brand ensures a direct impact on the performance of your business on all levels. Your brand identity is formed by a thought-out nominal, a visual signature representative of who you are, a graphic universe, a tone, typography and tools that form your brand and that personalize your entity while taking into account your DNA. Your brand identity is your backbone, and clearly, you have to make sure it’s strong.

  • Brand Name

    The brand name is the basis of your identity. It’s what the consumers will use to talk about your brand. It must be unique and easy to remember. Over the years, we can renew or update a brand image, but often, the name remains unchanged because consumers associate credibility and characteristics of your products, your services and the experience you make them live. The name is at the very heart of your notoriety and must be the subject of a thorough and creative strategic thinking.

  • Branding & Brand Territory

    It is with these elements that we define the personality and visual territory of your brand. What tone will it use in its communications? What emotion will it give? From slogan to logotype, through physical and digital applications, colour palette and typography, our strategists and designers make sure to develop a signature and a vibe that respect the DNA of your brand.

  • Art Direction

    To ensure total control of the brand and its environment, we must understand them. From the application to the production of various tools, through photo and video shoots, and various creations related to your content, our Art Director is keeping watch and makes sure to respect the standards and subtleties that make your brand a relevant and inspiring one.


When your brand is ready to arouse emotions, we can then work on your environment. This is where we seek to get the attention and interest of the consumer. The objectives and means to achieve this are varied, but the main challenge remains the same: connect your brand to a relevant and responsive consumer and get the most out of each action.

  • Digital Experience and Products

    Web is constantly evolving and, for that reason, it is essential for your website to be representative of your company while following the best practices. That’s why we support you through the creation and definition, design and development of your showcase website, e-commerce or campaign site. For your site to perform on all levels, we also make sure to establish relevant and effective SEO strategies. By using up-to-date and functional technologies, everything is in place for an optimal user experience.

  • Digital Strategy

    Even if it’s good to have products and media that are adapted and functional, you also need to ensure that you have quality traffic! Whether it’s to make yourself (re)known by a targeted audience or to broadcast a spontaneous campaign, the implementation of digital strategies will support your actions by communicating a strong and consistent message. AdWords Strategy, Remarketing, Emailing, Social Media Campaign, etc. Whatever the objective, we develop the right strategy while taking into account the habits of your users.

  • Activation

    Brand development involves creative and thoughtful communication and offensives. Whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness, break into new markets or optimize your positioning, we’ll make sure you understand your objectives in order to make your brand shine. Sporadically or as part of a larger campaign, we make sure to get people talking by using traditional and digital tactics.

  • Graphic Design

    David Carson said: ‘‘Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does’’. At Les Mauvais Garçons, we believe in the beauty and emotions that come from smart and impeccable design. Do you have a well-established brand and specific design needs? We’ll make sure to take your project to another level.

Un café ou deux
Un café ou deux
Un café ou deux
Un café ou deux
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What we don’t do

  • Work in tailored suits
  • Design competition
  • Tattoos
  • Food
  • Cut corners
  • Haircuts
  • Make logos bigger

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