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What we do

  • Strategy

  • Branding & Design

  • Web & Digital

  • Content Creation

Service de stratégie marketing

The strategic work is where we fully immerse ourselves in your company's reality. Through this exercise of analysis and research, we develop your brand DNA as well as a its positioning that allows you to stand out from the competition. This work can also be followed by a concrete activation plan designed to make your brand shine where it really matters, with the right clientele.

  • Strategic Analysis

    Since we always prioritize co-creation, our relationship begins with a collaborative workshop focused on brand strategy. We seek to better understand the history of your organization, your journey, your consumers, and your objectives. The more we master your brand ecosystem, the better we will be able to define what makes your brand unique, how to optimize it, and which actions should be prioritized.

  • Identity Strategy (Brand DNA and Name)

    The DNA is a set of intangible characteristics that serve to define your brand. Through its vision, mission, values, and positioning, it is often through its DNA that a brand succeeds in creating a connection with the consumer. Here, we define with you the distinctive traits of your brand, its added value, its personality, and the impact it will have in your market. Whether your project is starting up or you are in the process of rebranding, developing a new name is sometimes necessary; once the brand DNA is developed and mastered, we can establish the guidelines to find the right name for you.

  • Activation and Marketing Strategy Plan

    The development of a brand involves communications and thoughtful creative offensives. Whether you're looking to transition to a new identity, activate your brand with your audience, or find new ways to reach your targets, we develop an activation plan to ensure that we understand your objectives (and your budget!) well and bring your brand to its full potential.

  • Advertising Campaigns

    Television, radio, print, outdoor, digital, and more; the opportunities to make your brand heard are numerous. Regardless of its scope, a good advertising campaign starts with strategic thinking. A differentiating communication axis, messages that leave an impression, visual creation that defines the campaign, and judicious choice of media placements; everything is carefully examined by our team of strategists and designers.

  • Media Planning and Buying

    You have the ideas, but you don't know where to start in establishing a media plan that supports your campaign? We have the contacts and knowledge to allocate your advertising budget so that every dollar is invested intelligently.

  • Employer Branding Strategy

    From the work environment to the employee experience through conditions and internal communications, an optimized corporate culture generates a much better retention rate. It also creates a positive impact on your recruitment and overall company performance and helps to promote your brand through engaged internal ambassadors.

  • Digital Strategy

    Whether it's to (re)introduce yourself to a targeted audience or to broadcast a spontaneous advertising campaign, implementing a digital strategy effectively supports your actions by communicating a strong and consistent message. Google Ads strategy, remarketing, email marketing (newsletter), management and campaigns on social media, etc., we know the right tools to develop the right strategy, always considering the habits of your users.

  • Consulting

    Whatever your needs, an external perspective can always be relevant. For your project's launch or for the development of your products or services, we accompany you in your analysis and creation process so that you can develop a relevant and competitive offer. Together, we ensure that your brand performs well so that you have everything you need to face your next challenge.

  • Customized Training

    If you want to improve your knowledge on a subject or become autonomous with a specific tool, we can provide your team with training tailored to its reality. Google Analytics, Google Ads, social media, SEO, and more: let us know your needs to receive a customized proposal.

Branding & Design
Sevice de Branding et design

A strong and relevant brand image directly impacts your company's performance at all levels. Your identity is formed by a visual signature that represents who you are and a graphic universe that takes into account the particularities of your DNA. Your brand is the backbone of your project and we must ensure that it is solid.

  • Branding

    A brand is much more than just a logo; it's a story to tell. From designing a personalized signature to creating a complete and coherent graphic universe, we highlight the essence of your company. Logo variations, choice of fonts and colors, concrete applications of your brand: everything is meticulously examined by our strategists and designers to deliver a brand image that perfectly communicates your entity's DNA.

  • Graphic Design and Infographics

    David Carson said it best: "Graphic design will save the world right after rock and roll does." At Les Mauvais Garçons, we believe in the emotions generated by intelligent and impeccable design. Do you have a well-established brand and specific needs regarding the creation of various visual tools? We're here for that.

  • Publishing

    Whether digital or printed, whether it's an annual report or a magazine, your documents are a tangible extension of your brand; therefore, they must represent your universe well. With several editorial publications to our credit, we can say that we know the right balance between beauty and functionality.

  • Packaging

    For many people, a brand's products are all they know about it. Packaging thus becomes the face of the company; it must attract attention and create a strong connection with the consumer to ensure the success of the brand.

Web & Digital
Service de création de site web

The digital world is constantly evolving, which is why it is essential that your tools represent your company while respecting established best practices. Whether it's your website, your social media, your presence on search engines, or your email marketing strategy (newsletter), everything must be oriented towards an optimal user experience.

  • Web Workshop

    Do you need to create a new website or review the one you already have? Here, we believe that establishing a good structure comes well before deciding on the look. Following an exploratory workshop where we delve into your needs, we build a solid game plan for the website design including the architecture, a content structure, and recommended solutions to meet your expectations.

  • Websites

    Your website is a business card for your potential clients; therefore, it must be designed to properly showcase your brand while meeting user needs. We assist you in defining the architecture, design, development, deployment, and even hosting of your website, whether it's a showcase site, an e-commerce site, or a landing page for a campaign. Because we like to stay close to our partners and we like to do things well, we can also provide website maintenance after it's launched.

  • Social Media Strategy and Management

    The attention paid to your social media can make all the difference in the relationship you have with your customers and in the development of a strong and engaged community. In a saturated market, it's important to make your mark with a striking strategy, eloquent visuals, and well-dosed management. Want to step up your game on social media? We're here to take you to the next level.

  • Digital Campaign Strategy and Management

    Whether it's to (re)introduce yourself to a targeted audience or to broadcast a spontaneous advertising campaign, implementing a digital strategy effectively supports your actions by communicating a strong and consistent message. Google Ads strategy, remarketing, email marketing (newsletter), management and campaigns on social media, etc.; we know the right tools to develop the right strategy, always considering the habits of your users.

  • Digital Audit

    A good website requires occasional maintenance if we don't want it to become outdated quickly. Whether it's SEO performance, user experience, features, or the loading speed of your website, we can evaluate its condition and recommend the necessary adjustments to optimize your results.

  • Consulting

    Do you need support for a specific digital project? It's very possible that we already have the expertise to support you in your endeavors. User testing, specifications, optimization of digital campaigns, increasing the number of subscribers to your platforms: let us know your needs and our team will support you.

Content Creation
Service de création de contenu

When your brand is ready to evoke emotions, we can bring it to life with compelling content. This is when we seek to capture the attention and interest of the consumer. The objectives and means of achieving them are varied, but the main challenge always remains the same: connecting your brand to a relevant and receptive consumer and getting the most out of each action.

  • Photography

    Whether to support an advertising campaign, enhance your website, feed your social media, or immortalize your team members, we have the eye to translate your vision into professional quality media that will make your brand shine.

  • Video (Promotional and Corporate)

    Video is undoubtedly the most viewed type of content nowadays, making it a powerful and impactful medium to reach your target audience and convey your message. Whether it's a corporate or promotional video, a TV commercial, a documentary, capsules, or a web series, we ensure that we understand your needs and deliver a product that meets your ambitions.

  • Motion Animation

    To feed your social media or to enhance your website with dynamic visuals, animation is another way to capture your target audience's attention. Always in line with your graphic universe, these animated visuals require the expert touch of our designers who know how to bring your content and ideas to life.

  • Audio (Radio Advertising and Narration)

    To support your advertising campaign with radio messages or to complement your video with voiceover narration, our team has the skills and contacts to support you in all your audio needs.

  • Writing

    Writing affects various aspects of your communications: your social media, the news section or blog page of your website, your email marketing strategy (newsletter), etc. Instead of spending energy finding the right words, let our writers take care of it and know what to say to promote your brand where it matters.

Un café ou deux
Un café ou deux
Un café ou deux
Un café ou deux
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